ganesh December 27, 2018

This is prime time for gift buying. The Holidays are coming up fast and Thanksgiving weekend unleashed a frenzy of sales as consumers flocked to tick items off their wish lists. Consumers spent a total of $12.8 billion this Cyber Weekend and the National Retail Federationestimates that 44% of consumers shopped online (as opposed to 40% in store). […]

ganesh October 27, 2018

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, this post has been on my mind for a while. Since I started my blog I received a few questions from my friends and family about what practical gift ideas for bloggers they can get me this Christmas (or my birthday that’s also this winter). To be honest with […]

ganesh September 27, 2018

Relationships don’t look like they used to (and that’s a good thing). But what does it honestly take to make a modern romance work? As part of Committed, we’re exploring partnerships ranging from a textbook marriage between high-school sweethearts to a gay couple creating a life together in the conservative deep South. If binge-watching Gilmore Girls, Scandal, or The Good […]

ganesh September 27, 2018

It’s baaaack!  Oprah’s favorite things, Christmas edition.  Every year, Oprah clues us in on the products she’s been loving, and the result is the ultimate gift guide for the holidays.  We’ve gone through the list and pulled together a condensed version and highlighted some of our own favorite gift ideas.  And if you decide that […]

ganesh July 27, 2018

Do a Google search on how to get your best body and you’ll be inundated with pages of training tips. For those who want to take that same, proactive approach to creating your best relationship, I have your “exercise regimen” below. 1. Do the things you did the first year you were dating. As the months […]

ganesh June 27, 2018

Though a couples relationship doesn’t always replicate the ideal duos in the popular romantic movies, it can be quite an adventure filled with fun couple activities, romantic date nights, meaningful bonding and crazy things to do to help to bond your special relationship. That is, if you design it that way. Enter…the Ultimate Couples Bucket List. A rewarding relationship should be filled […]

ganesh May 27, 2018

When you first start dating, a nice meal and a few drinks is all it really takes. But after a while passes and you get more comfortable, it can be fun to add a little “spark” back into date night. Instead of the same-old same-old, creative date ideas are definitely in order. From foodie date […]

ganesh April 27, 2018

  1. Play in the snow, build a snow man, then drink cocoa 2. Go to a community play, a dress rehearsal, high school or college play 3. Do an inside or outside picnic  4. Work out together It’s fun to subtly flirt with each other at the gym because the other gym patrons don’t […]