ganesh September 27, 2018

Oprah's Favorite Things Holiday 2018

It’s baaaack!  Oprah’s favorite things, Christmas edition.  Every year, Oprah clues us in on the products she’s been loving, and the result is the ultimate gift guide for the holidays.  We’ve gone through the list and pulled together a condensed version and highlighted some of our own favorite gift ideas.  And if you decide that you’re just going to snag some of these for yourself – well, we won’t judge.  Because after all, you get a gift, you get a gift, everybody gets a gift!

Empowered by Maya J Bracelet – Check It Out Here

Empowered by Maya J Strong Bracelet


Because lately, it’s all about being empowered and inspired.  As it should be.  These bracelets feature motivational words, like strongfearlessbrave and more.  Available in silver and gold.

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RapidX X5 Car Charger – Check It Out Here

RapidX X5 Car Charger

For both, iPhones and Androids, this features 5 USB ports and charges things up quickly.  Because let’s face it, time’s a factor!  Other colors available.

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Eberjey Women’s Gisele Two-Piece Sleepwear Set – Check It Out Here

Eberjey Women's Gisele Two-Piece Pajama Set

Because it’s all about comfort.  Shout out to all the ladies who would change into these the second they get home.  Other colors available.

Buy Here

Echo Spot – Check It Out Here

Echo Spot

Amazon’s Echo products have topped many “favorite” lists over the years.  And Oprah is no exception.  The Spot will answers your burning questions, play your favorite jams, give you the weather, put together shopping lists, allow for video calls and more!

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Glamourpuss Faux Fur Mittens – Check It Out Here

Glamourpuss Faux Fur Mittens

Warm and cozy, these absolutely say “check meow-t.”  Other colors available.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Holiday Dippers – Check It Out Here

Eli's Cheesecake Holiday Dippers

Cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate, that can also be enjoyed frozen?  Yes please.

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Arts and Crafts Library Set – Check It Out Here

Arts and Crafts Library

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